Bukwo District is one of the Local Governments, under the Uganda Government decentralization policy, located in the eastern region of Uganda.

We are the pearl of the Pearl of Africa.

The district's headquarters is located in the heart of Bukwo town its main political, administrative, and commercial center .

 Bukwo District acquired the status of a District in July 2005 with the main purpose of enhancing service delivery.

The district can be accessed through Suam kapchorwa road. It is also accessed through a security road (Sironko - Muyembe-Chepsukunya- Grik River to Bukwo or through Lwakaka or Malaba border via Kitale in Kenya and then Suam. The district has a total area of 528 square kilometers.


 Location and size


Bukwo is one of the districts in the Eastern region of Uganda with at least 90% of the land on the slopes of MT. Elgon. It is bordered by Kween district in the West and Northwest, Amudat district in the North, Republic of Kenya in the North east, east and south.  It lies between latitudes  1 18 North and longitudes 44 East. The district headquarters is situated in Bukwo Town Council which is approximately 12 kilometers from Suam border post and about 75 kilometers from Kapchorwa Town council.




 Administrative infrastructure


The District has two counties with seventeen rural Sub-counties, and four Town Council. The District constitutes of 109 parishes/wards and 791 village councils.


The District Council is the highest political authority, with42 members under the headship of the District Chairperson. It has a technical team headed by the Chief Administrative Officer, distributed in 12 departments. Each of the department has a head and under each department, there are sections.




 Demographic characteristics


The District has an estimated total population of 116000 thousand people. Out of this total population, 50.3% percent  are males while 49.7% of the total district population are female. The population growth rate is 4..2%. Over 95 percent of the population live in the rural areas.